Here we are with another wild holiday Florida man round up, this time we will be covering a few highlights from February 14, Valentines Day

Florida Man February 14: Valentines Edition

Here we are with another wild holiday Florida man round-up, this time we will be covering February 14, Valentines Day. As we all already know the crazy stuff happening down in Florida never takes a break. I would imagine most of these Florida men are single. If not they definitely are not staying home to treat their significant others. So read on to see some of the best Florida Man stories for February 14.

February 14, 2019

This one does not in an arrest like many of the others. However, it is still weird enough to make this post. On February 14 in Lakeworth Florida, a man only known as Jeremy was caught on a Ring doorbell cam. He was holding a phone book and then goes in and begins licking both the doorbell and camera. No one is sure exactly why, but he was also holding a phonebook and appeared to be trying to relay a message. The homeowner apparently knows the man and filed a report with the police.

February 14, 2019

It appears February 14, 2019, was a busy day for Florida Man. However, this next story covers a little over a week. Feb 14 was a pretty significant day in the story, I decided to toss it on here.

On February 18 a woman reported a man to police in Key Largo. She stated that she saw a man walking down a bike path while revealing himself and vigorously masturbating. He was reported to be walking in the direction of a nearby adult bookstore.

When police arrived they immediately arrested Amado Enrique Gaure age 20. After being questioned, he admitted to the crime and the fact that he was headed to the bookstore. When asked about his motive, he simply replied that he got ”impatient”. Police also found a little marijuana and around 800 dollars on him.

However, this is not the end of this Florida man’s story. One of the arresting officers noticed that Gaure had a strong resemblance to a suspect in a robbery that took place on February 14.

The surveillance video showed Gaure breaking into a storage room at a Marriott Hotel. The hotel staff reported that a cash box with over 7k inside was stolen. One staff member also alleged that he had exposed himself to them also.

The cops then questioned Gaure back at the Plantation Key jail, where he admitted to that crime also. He also stated that most of the stolen money was spent on BB guns and ammo.

Guare was eventually charged with an assortment of crimes including grand larceny, burglary, and indecent exposure.


We all know that Florida man does not take a day off, and that definitely includes February 14, Valentines’ Day. If you have a Florida man story or want to request a date for us to cover, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for joining us for another Florida Man Holiday Edition.

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