As we all know Florida man does not take any day off and April 1 is no exception. Join us for another whacky Florida Man: Holiday edition.

Florida Man April 1: April Fools Edition

Today we will be taking a look at what Florida man was doing on April 1, April Fools Day. Seem like April fools day could be a very confusing day in the sunshine state. A great chance for people to be unsure if they are getting pranked or are just experiencing the everyday weirdness of Florida Man. Below is one of the best stories I could find of Florida man April 1.

Florida Man April 1, 2014

On April 1, 2014, a Florida man was taking an early morning smoke break in front of his workplace in St. Petersburg. It was an apartment complex for the elderly where he had spent almost ten years working the front desk.

He noticed what looked to be a mannequin lying on the ground. The man immediately ruled it to be a rather macabre April Fools day prank.

He decided to leave it there, assuming the pranksters would later come and collect it. However, a few hours later, a coworker came and reported it to him at the front desk. He notified his concerned co-worker that it was just a prank and not to worry.

Later that morning, a woman and her son came to deliver newspapers. At that time, the front clerk asked the teenaged son to help him toss it in the garbage dumpster.

While moving the mannequin, he noticed that it weighed very little. The Florida man also stated that he noticed a bit of blood but thought that it was just part of the elaborate prank.

Later the same day, some of the other complex workers noticed what was in the dumpster. They immediately called the Florida man back to his workplace.

What they told him next shocked him to his core. Turns out it was not an April 1 prank at all. The “mannequin” was in fact the remains of a 96-year-old woman who had sadly taken her own life that night.

The Florida man could not believe his ears.

He insisted that he had even seen her face and was convinced it was some sort of rubber mask. A police spokesperson confirmed that this was possible due to the height of the fall.

Police believed his story and said they had no intentions of pressing charges. However, his employers were not so understanding. The complex terminated his employment immediately.


As we all know Florida man does not take any day off and April 1 is no exception. Although weird, at least this Florida man tale does not include a raging lunatic. It is more of a story that shows what kind of confusion can occur when you mix a place like Florida and April 1.

I am nearing the end of my Florida man holiday editions, so if you would like a summary of what Florida man was doing on your birthday, leave it in the comments below. And as always, if you have your own Florida man tale, you can also leave that in the comments.

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