It may come as no surprise to you that July 4 is a very active day for Florida man. Come read how Florida man likes to celebrate America's B-day

Florida Man July 4: Independence Day Edition

It may come as no surprise to you that July 4 is a very active day for Florida man. The combination of booze, fireworks, and well… Florida makes for some great reading material. Below we have a few stories that may shock you, but probably not surprise you.

July 4, 2015

Here we have a case of not only a very patriotic Florida man but a musically talented one as well.

On July 4, 2015 police responded to a noise violation in Neptune Beach, Florida.

When they arrived they found 22-year-old Florida man Lane Pittman playing the Star-Spangled Banner in the middle of the street.

Pittman was decked out in American flag apparel and doing his best to make Jimi Hendrix proud.

However, the police were not nearly as impressed as the crowd of nearly 200 that had gathered to watch.

After an excellent performance of our national anthem, police asked Pittman to come with them to have a “talk”.

As you probably guessed this “talk” was really just a chance to arrest Pittman. He was then charged with disturbing the peace.

This one may not be as crazy as a lot of other Florida man stories but it is a good chance to see a large gathering of Florida men and women in their natural habitat. You can check the video out here.

Florida Man July 4, 2019

This next one is more in line with the ridiculousness we all have grown to love and expect out of Florida man.

On July 4, 2019, a Hillsborough Sherriff’s Deputy was pulled over by a Florida man. Yes you read that correctly.

Around 8:30 P.M. on Interstate 4, a man in a black Crown Victoria with lights and a siren pulled over an off-duty Hillsborough deputy.

After Barry Lee Hastings Jr., 35, pulled the officer over he then told him to “slow down”.

When asked for credentials Hastings replied that he had left them at the office and that the deputy could follow him back to the station to get them.

At this point, the officer had heard enough and called it in to 911. Police pulled Hastings over a short while later and charged him with impersonating an officer.


I could have made this article all about a drunk Florida man blowing off his fingers with fireworks, but that just seemed a bit too typical. We all know that is happening on July 4 and well any warm summer night in Florida. If you think this is crazy, you should check out what happens a month after on Florida Man August 4.

Thanks again for joining me for another Florida Man, Holiday edition. As always if you have any date requests or Florida man stories, please leave them in the comments below.

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