Today we have Florida Man Stories from August 7. Unfortunately for for Florida man and lucky for us these were both caught on camera.

Florida Man August 7 – Caught On Camera

Florida Man is here to save the day! No, not really. It is more like they are here to ruin the day. Florida Man is only capable of holding… well, nothing. Take a look at these stories from Florida Man on August 7, and if August 7 is your birthday, we are sorry.

Florida Man August 7, 2020 – A Slurpy Dousing Assault

Florida Man was paying a visit to one of his favorite convenience stores, 7-Eleven when he decided he disagreed with the clerk over the price of his favorite drink, a Slurpee.

Instead of politely questioning the price then accepting 7-Eleven’s pricing scheme, Florida Man did the only logical thing (to him at least). He hit the Slurpee out of the clerk’s hands, and it dunked him in the sticky Slurpee Juice.

All of this was captured on a security camera.

Duffy was arrested when he returned to the same 7-Eleven on August 7. Despite everything being on the security camera, the Florida Man claims he does not remember striking the drink from the employee’s hand.

Florida Man August 7, 2019 – Pulls Out His Penis

Florida Man loves to show off. In yet another count of Florida Man showing off, he showed his genitals to a female employee of a liquor store. After walking into the store, the Florida Man paced back and forth while talking with the employee in question.

After a little bit of talking, he pulled out his little pecker and asked the employee to look at it. Florida Man then drove away from the store. Again, Florida Man’s scene was all caught on camera. And also, he denies it happened.

The arrest for this incident happened months after the original encounter on August 7, 2019. There isn’t really a reason why the arrest took so long but what we know is Florida Man’s story. Florida Man claims that he left his penis out after visiting the bathroom and forgot to put it away. He also denies asking the employee to take a peak.

The surveillance footage said another story, and thus the arrest warrant was eventually issued for indecent exposure.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man does a lot of foolish and ridiculous things. These stories are just more stupid things that they have taken on. We hope that if your birthday is August 7, we don’t see you on this list in the future.

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If you want to see what Florida man was up to on your birthday, please leave a request in the comments below.

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