Join us for another Florida man wrap up, this time we will be covering what was happening in the sunshine state on August 4.

Florida Man August 4 – On The Run

Florida Man is up to something every day of the month, August 4 is no different. Today we are going to look at what he did on August 4. Don’t worry if August 4 is your birthday. As long as you don’t try these stupid Florida Man moves, you should be good.


Florida Man August 4 – On the Run with a BB Gun

This Florida Man story isn’t too surprising, but have a read. On August 4, a Florida Man took foot bail from the police, running from an apartment. When he came out, police hit him with non-lethal munitions. The man was only deterred enough to go back inside.

Florida Man reemerged with a gun in his hands and gave the Police no choice but to start shooting. Unfortunately or fortunately, they’ve later found out it was only a bb gun.

A police drone managed to catch all the action on film.

Florida Man August 4, 2020 – Fake Check Buyer

Not even COVID stops Florida Man. On August 4, 2020, a Florida man went to a Porsche dealership where he bought a new Porsche luxury car. He paid for the vehicle with a check and was able to drive off.

The next day Florida Man attempted to buy some jewelry with a check. Unlike the dealership (who were a bit of a Florida Man themselves), the jewelry store held the check and watches until they could verify it was real. Guess what? It wasn’t.

After the check was reported as fake, the police wanted to have a conversation with the Florida Man. At that point, they discovered that he had also used the same counterfeit checks to buy his Porsche. The man admitted to police that he printed the cashier checks on his home printer.

Florida Man August 4, 2018, Visits New York and Runs from the Cops – August 4, 2018

Not all Florida man stories come from Florida. When they visit other states, they just cause chaos as well. That’s what happened when two Florida Men visited upstate New York. Even knowing how severe New York Police are. The men decided to steal from a mall and change their license plates.

After the theft, the police tailed them, and the two Florida Men thought they could outrun the cops. They put up a fair chase, lasting for 36 miles. At the end of the 36-mile chase, the Florida Men headed straight for a police barricade. A State Trooper opened up on the car as it showed no sign of stopping for the barricade.

Somehow none of the shots hit either occupant, and both tried to flee on foot after their car crashed into an embankment. It turns out Florida Man can’t even outrun police when they are on vacation.

Final Thoughts

I think that we learned today that Florida Man shouldn’t be allowed out of the state. Also, that when you try to outrun the police, it usually does not end up well. Or, to make sure that Florida Man’s check is valid before letting him drive off with the Porche.

There’s never a day that Florida Man doesn’t come through with stupid stunts. But on special occasions, it gets even crazier. See Florida Man: April Fools Edition to see what I mean!

If you like reading about Florida man’s wild stunts, make sure to check out some of my other posts on him. If you would like to know what trouble Florida man was getting into on your birthday, please leave a request in the comments below.

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