Florida Man March 1: It’s the First of the Month

Florida Man March 1: Dank Gummies & Pizza

He is on the loose again this time It’s Florida Man March 1. No matter what day or time nor month it is, Florida Man will never be controlled; always in action to give entertainment to your mundane lives. Here are some stories to give you an update on what he has been doing.

Florida Man March 1: Chose Pizza Over a Negotiator

Florida Man chose pizza while waiting for the negotiator. That made it easy for the policemen to end the standoff.

Our Florida Man today is a 35-year old, Brad McLemore, a father and working as Construction Worker from Jacksonville.

He took his neighbor, Evan Lehmann as a hostage on a winter afternoon. After a disagreement over the lawnmower, McLemore went home to take his gun. He then grabbed Lehmann by his neck and point it at him.

A witness called 911 and the police arrived as soon as possible.

Police officer, Robert Hoffman was the first on the scene to convince McLemore to let his hostage go. But he didn’t so Hoffman asked for backup.

Even with a bunch of policemen around him, McLemore hasn’t let his neighbor go so Hoffman decided to call for a negotiator.

He was offered a pizza while waiting, which he refused to accept at first. But seems like stress and tension got him hungry so later on, he asked for a slice.

Choosing between holding a hostage or a slice of pizza, he then let go of Lehmann to enjoy his food and even suggested the police not to call the negotiator.

After he finished eating and voluntarily came with the police to the station. Hoffman uttered, “never underestimate the power of pizza with a flavored crust”.

Florida Man March 1: Identified Himself through Out Dank Gummies instead of an ID

Tampa Bay, Florida – A Florida man gave a deputy a pack of “Dank Gummies” when asked to identify himself, instead of an identification card.

Before midnight of March 1, Frank Anderson, a 41-years-old from Tampa City got arrested by a County Deputy . Deputy officer, Dennis Lopez parked in the gasoline station when he noticed a swerving car that was about to pump for gas.

Anderson pulled over and came out of the car who appeared to be under the influence, couldn’t pick the gas pump properly to fill up his car.

Officer Lopez approached him to offer his help and to identify the man by asking for an ID. Anderson reached down his back pocket and hand over a colorful pack of gummies to the officer; with a label on it “Dank Gummies’ with “cannabis-infused” written on it.

When the officer asked if the package is with THC; Anderson claimed that it is for his friend who has a marijuana medical card for his glaucoma.

But only to find out too that Anderson didn’t have an ID with him so he was charged for a second offense of driving without license and possession of a controlled substance.


You just had your daily dose of Florida man tales to start the month. If you missed the other stories, check out Florida Man on February 14 for the Valentine edition.

If you would like to see what mischief Florida man caused on your birthday, please leave your request in the comments below.

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