Florida Man March 9: Crime and Crank

Today would be completely different stories of Florida Men to read and enjoy. From the dark side of crime to the bright side of a music video star and a viral artist, discover them.

Florida Man March 9, 2020 – Couple Killed, Bodies Found in Swamp

Florida Man from Haines City is the suspect for killing a couple while they were sleeping and conniving his stepdaughter to bury the bodies in the swamp.

According to Sheriff Grady Judd, February 21 was the last time Raymond Cline, 33, and Crystal Ann Cline, 37, were seen alive.

Not until last week, Polk County Sheriff’s Office heard reports about a 19-year-old girl selling a truck for $ 200. The truck happens to be the vehicle of the missing couple.

The girl was identified as Amberlyn Nichols. The investigators with Sheriff Judd came to her house for questioning. Her alibi was the truck’s owner just doesn’t need it anymore. 

But later on, Nichols stated that in the report, her stepfather, Todd Jackson, asked her and her boyfriend to be an accomplice in the murder; by helping to bury the two bodies in the swampy wood. 

Investigators confirmed two decomposing unidentified bodies after they searched the place. 

No statement from Jackson was released, but Nichols said that the reason for killing the couple is anger because of Raymond Cline’s debt with Jackson. So he went to the Cline’s house and shot them both in the head while they were sleeping. Call Nichols after, asked them to come and clean the mess with him.

But after they have dumped the bodies, Nichols admitted to staying in Cline’s home because she only sleeps in the park.

Jackson is now facing two counts of murder. Nichols and her boyfriend will be charged with failing to report a death and accessory to the crime.

Florida Man March 9, 2020 – Dancing in Post Malone’s Music Video

This story isn’t your usual daily dose of Florida Man story, but sure it’s worth checking out.

Mike Alancourt, 40 years old, proved himself in dancing to this new song “Wow” by Post Malone, filmed at their studio in Jacksonville and features choreography by Jennifer Colvin.

Vibe Dance Channel 1 released the music video last Sunday on social media; and garnered almost 500,000 views on Facebook and tons of likes, comments, and shares.

Alancourt’s impressive hip-hop dance routines caught the attention of some famous celebrities.

Not to mention that Post Malone himself reposted it on Wednesday and reach 2 million views in no time.

Another big fan is Will Smith, who shared the music video on his Instagram with the caption “YOOOOOOO! The dude is killing this thing! “.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man stories are full of strange and unusual events, mostly could be on the negative side, and that’s undeniable, but some stories like the last one could really put a smile on your face and make you proud of our Florida Man. Didn’t it?

If you enjoyed reading these tales from the sunshine state, then make sure to check out some of my other posts on the adventures of Florida man.

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